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Before you reach for the medicine cabinet, try the natural approach to healing with Rhythmic Medicine – Music With A Purpose. Take responsibility for your own health and master the ability to harness the enormous power of music. This book is full of ideas, innovative techniques, and exercises for using music to achieve healing and deep relaxation.

Discover how music can help you:
~ Alleviate stress and achieve deep relaxation
~ Relieve chronic pain
~ Lower your blood pressure
~ Improve heart imbalances
~ Retrieve lost childhood memories
~ Unblock unconscious memories that are causing pain and release them
~ Unleash your inner power

Join the thousands of health care professionals and individuals who successfully use Janalea Hoffman’s beautiful therapeutic music and proven techniques as a natural healing tool in their daily lives.

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It is difficult to find the specific music Janalea refers to in the musical biofeedback exercises and the inner child exercises in her book, so, she produced a 60 minute,
all music CD that works in coordination with the exercises.

The CD includes 30 minutes of music at exactly 50 beats per minute for use with exercises at the end of chapter 2 and seven different selections of music that correspond to the inner child exercises at the end of chapter 4.


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This is the secret of Rhythmic Medicine


A Personal Note from Janalea about her Book & CD

"My goal was to write a user friendly self-help book on Music Therapy.   There are so many people who will never actually go to a Music Therapist (partly because they are hard to find in private practice), but who are very curious about the healing powers of music and want to learn and experiment on their own with this concept."  

"This book was written for these people who want to use Music Therapy on themselves, in their homes or with their children.  There is such a vast amount of music available, but most people do not know how to use it in a therapeutic way."

The subtitle, Music with a Purpose, addresses this idea that we need specific music for specific goals and helps narrow down what can be used for therapy."
Your internal body rhythms- heart beat, blood pressure, and breathing
always try to harmonize with external rhythms.
Your heart near another's will find a mutual pace.


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