Amazing Mini Music Machines
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It is 3" long and 2" high and the sound is an exquisite powerhouse.

This music machine plays for 6 hours without needing to use the included charger. It plays with your choice of flash drive, or san disk card.

You can use it as an enhanced speaker for your phone, computer, iPad, or any device that has the proper connection - a connection cord is included.

The best part - it is only $50 - comes in 5 colors (silver - pink - blue - black - green) and takes no instructions to use. Simply load your music on the flash or san disk card and turn it on.

Testimonials on the new Amazing Mini Music Machines: 

OK, everyone who hears my new little music machine loves it, it is going to be my Christmas present to everyone this year.  

It is so small and easy to carry around with me - no cord to plug is and GREAT sound.  

I love the portability and convenience of my new music machine.   

I use my computer for presentations I connect the mini music machine to my computer to enhance the sound.  People cannot believe the quality of the sound coming out of that little machine!  

I downloaded all of my favorite songs on a flashdrive and use it with my  new music machine.  I love it! 

I visit people in their homes for Hospice.  I don't need to find a plug - I just get my little music machine out of my purse, turn it on and share Musical Acupuncture with my patients.

I bought an AMMM for my Mom who lives with me.  She has alzhiemer's and has many episodes of anxiety, fear and sometimes anger.   She adores her AMMM which she lovingly refers to as her "pink box."   We take it to doctor's appts and the hospital when we have to go and it has been a life saver!   The fact that it does not have to be plugged in and fits in my purse easily is such a blessing!  I don't know what we would do without it! .........
(woman caring for her mother)

 I love my AMMM.   I take it on trips and program in my favorite music. I find it comforting and also practical!

When I was getting chemo treatments, I took the AMMM machine with me and listened to very uplifting music--with words and without words--all music that lifted my spirit and made me feel optimistic that I could get through the cancer treatments and be healed.  Thanks so much for developing this little device!

This is the secret of Rhythmic Medicine


A Personal Note from Janalea about the Amazing Mini Music Machines

Working in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions I found it difficult to plug in stereos. It was also cumbersome to carry a stereo and lots of CD's.   We (at Rhythmic Medicine) researched a machine that we could import that you could charge and then be able to CARRY A SMALL speaker with you that would play for 6 to 7 hours without being plugged in."

We wanted great sound in a small device.   After a year of research, we came up with the Amazing Mini Music Machine (or AMMM)."
"The AMMM's have bought a lot of comfort to patients recovering from surgery, nursing homes, alzhiemer's, children, people of all ages who need portable music."

"The appropriate music can be programed on a flash drive or mini san disc card, so you can have personalized music for your particular tastes / therapeutic needs."
Your internal body rhythms- heart beat, blood pressure, and breathing
always try to harmonize with external rhythms.
Your heart near another's will find a mutual pace.


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