Music for Children
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Classical Twinkle
 Children's Relaxation
Childrens Relaxation
 David and the Tone Fairies

 Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door
Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door
This is the secret of Rhythmic Medicine


A Personal Note from Janalea about Music for Children

"I have worked with many children who had ADD or ADHD and I know most of them can learn to match their body rhythms to musical rhythms.  This can be a fun game (while being therapeutic)."
"When children learn that they can manage their own body rhythms through music, it empowers them to change some of their troublesome behaviors.   If they are just given a label  and a drug,
there can be no motivation to change.  This approach also does not empower the child."

"Also, many children with nightmares, fears, phobias enjoy DAVID AND THE TONE FAIRIES and also THE DOLPHIN SONG because both of these allow the children to go within themselves and explore their inner realms and learn to listen more deeply."
Your internal body rhythms- heart beat, blood pressure, and breathing
always try to harmonize with external rhythms.
Your heart near another's will find a mutual pace.


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